Messages of Support for Stephen


“Men are getting convicted without evidence. It’s bordering on ridiculous. Lives and families destroyed forever, homes lost and children’s worlds left in tatters. Take away the compensation. That will reduce the allegations.”

Deborah Renton, Comrie

“This trial should never have been brought. It is extremely worrying.”

Patricia Davies, Great Wakering

“I am horrified that anyone can be convicted on such flimsy evidence.”

Richard Bunce

“It is ridiculous to imprison any individual on the word of just one complainant and no physical evidence.”

Steve Bowers, Ackworth

“The evidence for the prosecution seems incredibly unreliable and taken from persons of questionable sanity.”

Philip Borland, Broom

“My husband was sentenced to 20 years in prison two years ago. He is an innocent man. He was charged with historic allegations from 45 years previously. He has never done anything wrong in his life. The so called victims told lies and they were very god actors. A lot of innocent are going to prison. It’s all about compensation money.”

Janet Benfield, Cirencester

“I believe that this is a tragic miscarriage of justice. Yet another trial by media fiasco in which the presumption of innocence is bypassed in favour of clickbait sensationalism. Absolutely shocking.” 

Beverley Nelson, Riska

“This is to say the least, an unsafe result – a very unsafe conviction.”

M.D. Cardiff

“In cases of this kind, where much of the evidence and expert opinion is subjective, it seems wrong to prevent a jury from being presented with all the sides of the story, and for appeal hearings to be seemingly concerned merely with process, as oppposed to content.” 

Alan Smith, Wallington

“I suffered from a psychotic episode myself 20 years ago and at the time believed my partner  was out to get me as well as many other things. A the time I was convinced it was real. Now having fully recovered I know it was all false and a producer of an ‘ill’ mind and and over-active imagination.. I know from being in a similar state to the complainant how easy it is to believe in and start reinforcing deluded states of mind. I hope she comes back to her senses soon and reconnects with reality.”

Ian Speak, Woodthorpe

“An appalling miscarriage of justice which should be headline news but sadly few people will be aware of. Spread the word.”

Jim Denny, Newton Abbot

“What a disgrace that an innocent man has been jailed for a crime he did not commit. The justice system is messed up.”


“A terrible miscarriage of justice has occurred. I fervently hope and pray that he will be able to appeal these monstrous verdict.”


“I think this man is innocent.”

Paul Lyons, Thailand

On the basis of the information available this does not seem to be a safe conviction on the basis of a sole complainant having been in the grip of a serious mental disorder.”

Michael Miler, Cambridge

“Because the trial did not consider the evidence of Dr. Boakes that the claims were the result of the of the claimant’s psychiatric illness.”

Edmund Walsh, Crowthorne

“The complainant’s evidence appears to have been unreliable and the court did not get to examine tis issue. I also understand there was a six year gap between the alleged crimes and the complaint. I am concerned that in her mental condition she was wide open to suggestion from others. The Court of Appeal’s failure to look at this was wrong.”

Sean Coleman, Killarney